Hand made and painted pure woollen garments

Brilliant Wool, makers of exquisite, hand-painted, woollen garments Welcome to the Brilliant Wool Studio

The Studio was founded by its director Jack Brilliant, a master craftsman and textile artist. Jack was born and educated in Goulburn, in the southern tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. An Arts Degree from the Australian National University in the 1960’s was followed in the 1970’s by a career in the federal government, including a stint as Australian Vice Consul in San Francisco.

In 1977 Jack left the federal public service for a life devoted to hand crafted textiles, travelling around the world to buy, sell, and study many textile crafts, but that's not all. Jack's "Brilliant" CareerA love and appreciation of fine wines and winemaking is another facet of Jack's "Brilliant" Career. Wine buyer, speaker, educator, and wine judge, including membership of the prestigious Vintners Club of San Francisco, are additional dimensions to a man who seizes life by the throat and shakes it hard! But we digress...

Colouration of fabrics, particularly silk, has lead to Jack's current business enterprise. His keen eye for colour has enabled him to experiment with techniques of hand painting, dyeing, and hand printing over the last 30 years.

Growing up in Goulburn meant that the wool industry was part of his early life.  Wool production and the Goulburn wool stores were the life blood of his home town and the surrounding region. The Goulburn region is renowned for its fine and superfine merino wools.  On a number of occasions the world’s finest wool (then known as “The Golden Fleece”) came from the Region.  Pride in, and an understanding of superfine wools and the wool industry was part of everyday life.

Not satisfied to stop at silk colouration, in the 1980’s Jack started to experiment with colouration of superfine wool. By the late 1980’s he had some success in developing a process in which the rich colours traditionally found in hand painted silks, could be achieved in finely woven pure wools. In 1995, continued experimentation with the process for painting on woven wool extended to hand painting knitted wool fabric, particularly Fine Merino jersey knit. By 2003 the breakthrough came to enable the process to be developed for commercial production.

The process is a world’s first in hand painted Merino wool.  His early life in the country around Goulburn inspired him to experiment with woollen fabrics, and he is now able to produce the fine range of exclusive woollen apparel you see in the Brilliant Wool, and Brilliant Boutique websites.

Brilliant Wool is a wholesale supplier of quality scarves, fashion accessories, and original, wearable art garments within Australia and Overseas.
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