Pure wool hand painted shawls

Brilliant Wool, makers of exquisite, hand-painted, pure wool Shawls and ScarvesPure wool painted in brilliant colorsPure wool fringed shawls and scarves
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Hand painted Shawls and Scarves made from pure Australian Merino wool

Australia produces the finest wool in the world. The Australian Merino is the product of two centuries of careful selection and crossbreeding by Australian woolgrowers.

Our Brilliant Wool Merino Shawls and Scarves are made from lengths of Australian Fine Merino knit or woven fabric. Stretched over long painting frames, the knit or woven pure wool is hand painted with special dyes which give the wool the "brilliant" colours normally found in hand painted silks.

After painting the wool is air dried, and then steamed in an autoclave. The steaming process makes the painted wool colourfast, pre-shrinks the fabric and enhances the luster and sheen of the natural Merino wool.